Sunday, February 6, 2011

Genealogy Showdown: It's on Like Donkey Kong

I'm in the middle of a genealogical double duel.

It began with a simple meeting between friends. My pal The Family Curator and I met during the holidays and talked of genealogy resolutions. We each came up with our own and promised to support each other through the year, figuring a little buddy system pressure would help us both. I wrote about the meeting and my goals here. Denise wrote about hers here.

Then Sheri The Educated Genealogist and Cheryl of Heritage Happens met up in Northern California and came up with some 2011 goals of their own. Here are Sheri's and Cheryl's posts on the subject.

After that, Denise posted an update her progress in her personal genealogy challenges here. If you read the very end of her post, she proposes a team challenge with me, facing Sheri and Cheryl. In the comments, Sheri utters the phrase "double dog dare." Know what that means?


Now, I have no idea exactly what's *on,* but I am ready to face the girls of Northern California. Though I live in Texas, I'm SoCal born and raised. And I'll gladly represent my home turf along with The Family Curator.

So somehow our little two person goal-setting meeting turned into a double dog dare with a showdown at the 2011 Southern California Genealogy Jamboree. Keep in mind, I have no idea what the challenge actually is or how we're going to measure it. What I do know is that the gloves are off and I will have great fun trash talking with the ladies from the north for the next few months.

This whole development has really been hilarious, but now I really have to get to work. Team SoCal has a challenge to win. Yeah I said it, I meant it, and I'm here to represent it. See you in Burbank, ladies.


  1. Were you a cheerleader in high school like me Amy?? The little ditty at the end of your post brings back so many fond memories of showdowns against the other school cheerleaders in the parking lot after the football game . . but I digress.

    "What's on" is this - not just meeting our stated goals but exceeding them. Perhaps Denise needs to get a whip like Cheryl has??? LOL!

  2. Lol, Sheri, I was not a cheerleader. You're so funny. Now I really do need to get cracking because this whole "exceed our goals" takes it to a new level.

  3. I have no idea who to root for! Guess I'll have to read the blog posts and see how it all turns out.

    You go girls!!!

  4. I suspect we'll all do well (or not) and have a good laugh. But don't tell them I said that. I want them to fear all the progress I'm gonna make on my work.

  5. We are watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh goody...I love a good showdown...

  7. You need gladiator costumes for this. Maybe you could get sponsors for them, so they'd have little patches on them, like race car drivers wear.

  8. Completely watching. Just don't make us judge. Then we'd be in the Nero position of thumbs up or down and I couldn't bear throwing any of you to the lions.

  9. Oh dear, Amy. It's like American Idol. Are we ready for this?