Friday, February 18, 2011

GeneaPress makes my life easier

In the days before RootsTech, I decided I was going to write a post about press releases and my approach to them. It was swimming in the editorial calendar in my head and I planned to discuss it on this blog when I returned home.

Here's the deal: I get a lot of press releases in my email box. I post ones that I like or think my readers will like. I do not post if I have seen other bloggers have already posted the same thing. As more and more press releases are issued, I have to decide what goes up and what stays down. I want everyone to be informed, yet I don't want this to be one of those blogs that publishes nothing but announcements.

So the plan was to write about my perception of press releases here in this little post since I felt a little overloaded in that department. However, the issue was bothering several bloggers at the conference. As an approach to the situation, Thomas MacEntee created as a collection spot for the latest press releases in the genealogy field. He flipped the switch to ON Wednesday, and I thought you might be interested in it.

Whew! That saves me a bunch of time on how to explain there's a lotta press releases out there, and I can't publish them all. Now I don't have to! And you can see all the latest news by subscribing to the site.

Here's my take on press releases and this blog from here on out (until I change my mind):

I will still publish some press releases. There are people and products in which I really believe, and I will share that news as I see fit.

In order to share the love without being labeled on of those blogs that lacks real content, I may occasionally gather up some links and put them in a single short-but-sweet news post.

If you have a press release or two (or eleventy as some companies do) feel free to send them to me, but I make no promises of publication. Also, don't send email attachments unless we've shared a meal together. If you use the line "I think you're blog readers might like this," it means you haven't read my blog. My readers like free stuff and bacon. Oh wait, that's me.

Guess that's it for my talk on press releases. Meeting adjourned.


  1. Especially bacon, as far as I am concerned. Seriously, though, I have been meaning to write a couple of releases, and I am glad they have a home to go to now. Thanks Thomas!

  2. You are such a good writer, Amy. And I LOVE the cute little picture at the top of your story! Adorable!!!

  3. Even though I have only posted a couple of press releases (I'm usually late to see them and others have put them up), I love GeneaPress already. And let's you, me, and GrannyPam form a Bacon Club.

  4. Wait - is it too late? I want in the bacon club! Just catching up on blog reading and contemplating I know what I need to have this morning :-) Oh, and I'll be reading GeneaPress WHILE eating bacon!