Sunday, April 10, 2011

Faroe Islands Census Podcasts

A few months back, I had a visit on this blog from the Faroe Islands. Admittedly, I was clueless about the location. I looked it up and discovered that it is a lovely place.

A little more poking around the Internets led me to the Faroe Islands Podcast blog. My love of travel--especially the armchair kind--led me to subscribe to the podcast. It is very interesting.

What does this have to do with genealogy? Well, the first census in 35 years is coming to the Faroe Islands. Podcasts 91 and 92 include an interview with the census coordinator.

Podcast 91: Census Working Overtime

Podcast 92: The Sixth Census

I enjoy this podcast, and found these two episodes especially interesting from a cultural and historical perspective. Perhaps you'd enjoy them as well. You can also get these on iTunes.

Do you have any Faroe Islands ancestry in your tree?

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  1. I have no Faroe Islands ancestry but your post reminded me of when I was in Denmark for school several years ago. We were there for two weeks and there were students from all over the world. Some of them were Faroese and on one of our last nights there, they gave a presentation on the Islands and brought in whale meat for tasting. (It was surprisingly good!) I've wanted to visit ever since. They're not really on the beaten path, though, so I doubt it will happen soon. I may have to check out those podcasts...