Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Family Tree DNA Testing Update

I've received arrival confirmations for all of the Family Tree DNA tests that were ordered for my family during their last sale. That means that all my selected relatives tested, all sent them back and they all were received at the lab. Yay!

Now the waiting begins...

I understand a little bit about the use of DNA information in genealogy. I don't expect a whole lot of striking revelations from this experience. I know that it's important to test your relatives while you can, so that's what I did. I don't have any mysteries to solve just yet.

To my family, I'll say I don't know what lies ahead. It may be that we don't find anything, but that someone else finds us. I just appreciate that you trusted my judgement and took these tests.

I also took a mtDNA test. Some of my results are already in. (It helps to live in the same city as the lab.) I don't know exactly what I am looking at, but I did find a surprise. It's worthy of it's own post. Stay tuned....

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