Monday, June 13, 2011

SCGS11 Jamboree Part 5

Here are a couple of things I liked about Jamboree. I took pictures so you could see them and possibly incorporate them into your own genealogy events as well. 

First is the surname wall. Attendees received labels in their bags with the invitation to fill them out.

After that, you put the labels on the wall by letter.

The wall was in a place that made it easy to read, plus it looked better than the empty space.

Southern California Genealogical Society displayed their "Photo and Filming Notice" prominently in several places throughout the venue. This notice is the reason I and many other bloggers were able to bring you so many pictures of Jamboree. You want your event publicized? Draw up a photo notice, too.


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  2. Second go - had to trash the last comment - hopefully not too many typos this time!

    These are great ideas for event organisers.

    I'm adding your post to my Zotero collection so I have it on file for future reference (not that I am planning any events in the near future).

  3. Both are great ideas ~ thanks for sharing!