Wednesday, August 24, 2011

In Appreciation of Rejection

Kerry Scott over at Clue Wagon featured Chris Witten as a guest blogger this week. If you don't recognize the name, just know he is Big Chief WikiTree. He took some time to discuss the concepts of "free" genealogy collaboration tools and a single family tree.

You can read Chris' words on Kerry's blog here:

Huge thanks to Kerry for asking real questions and for Chris to take the time to answer them honestly.

After reading these pieces myself, a funny thing happened. I learned that Chris really wants to build a big tree and doesn't want customers who don't want to be in the big tree.

He doesn't want me.

And I like him even more for that.

Why? Because he is straightforward and honest. He's not wasting my time, and I'm not going to waste his. I mean that very sincerely with a great deal of respect for the person who knows his vision for his company.

I've said before that I'm not into the Big Tree. Maybe down the road, but not in the immediate future. My priorities are focused on sharing my ancestors with my immediate family in a private environment. While I technically could do that at WikiTree, it goes against their mission so I won't do it.

I really do think WikiTree is a great product, and I appreciate their profile privacy control levels. Witten recently spent a lot of time discussing his company with the genealogy masses, and I trust that there won't be any surprise announcements about profile access and control. Though I may or may not use it, I will offer it up to my genealogy buds as a collaboration option for those in the one-tree camp.

And I will continue to wear my WikiTree shirt in all its orange glory, especially at Houston Dynamo games where it will fit right in with the crowd.

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  1. Amy, Amy, Amy - Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is exactly how I feel and I could not have said it better.