Sunday, September 25, 2011

Busy Genealogy Weekend

My oh my this weekend went quickly.

Friday afternoon, I received my obituaries that I ordered online from Western Michigan Genealogical Society. I ordered five of them to pursue my husband's mother's line. These documents mark the beginning of my research on this branch. My husband's family history exists in states and countries that differ completely from my own ancestry. It's fun to look in places that are new to me.

On Friday evening, my family pursued our nearly weekly ritual of going to dinner and playing trivia. The game pits us against each other, as well as other bars and restaurants around the county. What made this night different was that my partner in genealogy crime, Caroline Pointer, stopped by to say hi. It's nice to have friends in all the right places. And she met Mr. Amy Coffin and can verify he is real.

After the late Friday antics, I got up early to make it to the Chaparral Genealogical Society meeting. Every seat was full and I had to sit in the back. I didn't mind it though because 1) it's good to see strong meeting attendance and 2) someone brought Shipley's donut holes and I was sitting right by them. Chaparral always has a good snack. The speaker talked about migration patterns and I learned that the society's Christmas party will be December 3. More on that later.

Sunday was rather quiet. It involved chores and a headache. In the afternoon, I began another client project. I really tried not to do any work stuff on Sunday, but when you enjoy what you do, it's difficult to say no.

What is missing from this weekend recap is any developments in my own family tree. I need to make time for my own research this week.

Tomorrow is already full with genealogy-related emails, research and the beginning of a new venture for me. I don't think I can talk about it yet, but it's very exciting. I promise to spill the beans when I get the all clear.


  1. Now I'm curious - wonder what you will be playing at next

  2. It's a writing gig for a publication I love. I just don't know when I can talk about it. Does that help?