Friday, September 9, 2011

FGS2011 - Affordable Member Benefits with George Morgan

On Society Day at the 2011 FGS conference, George Morgan led a session on affordable member benefits for genealogy societies. He reiterated the fact that people want to be involved in active genealogical societies. What better way to meet that need than with member benefits.

Morgan offered many suggestions of benefits in several major categories including education, communication, genealogy help and special projects. Active society participation was the common thread in all of these ideas. "Members are your key strength," said Morgan.

All of the Society Day sessions perceive societies as businesses and they should be operated as such. Morgan advised the audience to re-evaluate their societies and examine costs. Perhaps a blog can replace your newsletter. Morgan also shared ideas for publicity and new member recruitment. My favorite idea was a membership drive where current members are rewarded (with prizes, discounts, etc.) for bringing in new members.

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