Monday, October 3, 2011

Cover Girl of the California Nugget

Word on the street is that the latest issue of the California Nugget will soon be on its way to my mailbox. This makes me very happy because I was a contributor to this issue. In fact, that's my work on the cover!

I wrote about my experience at the 2011 RootsTech conference. Hopefully the article entices some California Genealogical Society members to join me in 2012.

I am a distance member in the California Genealogical Society & Library. I don't have a single northern California ancestor, and I will probably never get to go to a meeting in person. However I feel the group is a perfect example of how a genealogy society should be run and so I support its efforts through my membership. They in turn have made me feel like an active and productive member by giving me writing opportunities and more.

Of course, living in Texas, I have to wait for the Pony Express to bring the latest Nugget to my door. Don't worry mom, when I'm done, I'll give you my copy for your Coffee Table of Fame.


  1. Congrats, Amy. You're the first Genimate to make cover girl status.

  2. Congrats, Amy! The coffee table will be ready!

  3. Cover Girl,
    I'm registered to join you in February – the first of many fellow CGS members, I'm sure. Thanks for your reporting, your membership, and your kind words. Goal for 2012: finding more ways to engage our "far-flung" members.

  4. I still haven't received my issue, but I have two of my favorite bloggers with articles! I love Nugget Day!

  5. You go girl! I won't be at Rootstech. Trying to make it to Samford IGHR in June 2012. Congratulations on your cover story.

  6. Congrats, Amy. And I think you just pushed me over the top to join the California Genealogical Society as most of my paternal family was in Northern California (plus I grew up there).