Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Morning Tech Routine

This week, Jill Ball of Geniaus asked, "What's your morning tech routine?"

The questions is right up my alley, as I do pretty much the same thing each day. I'm boring that way.

When I wake up, I turn my phone on while I'm still in bed. I see what emails I received over night. Sometimes I read my Twitter feed, too.

The next hour is newspaper reading, breakfast and getting ready for school.

When I get back from mom taxi duties, I sit down at the computer and post a Twitter greeting. Then I read news and stories on Google Reader account 1 (I have two). I get caught up on Facebook, Google+ and other places.

All my reading usually takes 30 minutes or so and it wakes me up. After that I feel coherent enough to answer emails. I gave up caffeine, so I really need that time to come alive.

I do paid genealogy work or writing projects during school hours, plus any household chores. Sometimes when I am working, I listen to genealogy podcasts.

After school, I get dinner ready and read Google Reader 2, which has all my genealogy blog subscriptions.

It sounds very boring, I know...but you know what? I get a lot done and it helps me stay current.

Not all days go this smoothly, but when they do I feel like I have a handle on things.

So what's your morning tech routine? Or are you a night owl? Tell us how you roll.


  1. I do the same thing with my phone when I wake up too. I guess I shouldn't feel like such an oddball anymore. LOL

    PS I don't just check emails, I also try to do a quick run through Google Reader too. It does help me to wake up and I've never been one to just jump out of bed anyway.

  2. Sounds very similar to my routine! I guess it's that whole working from home mom thing.