Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Josh Coates: RootsTech 2012 Keynote Speaker

Word on the street (and the official web site) is that Josh Coates is a keynote speaker for RootsTech 2012. He's the guy that founded Mozy, and now is CEO of Instructure. (It's ok to look it up. I had to.)

If memory serves, there were three keynotes last year. Perhaps they'll have multiple keynotes this year as well. Hopefully they're available to viewers at home, too.

Registration is still open. A full-conference pass is $149, or $35 for students with valid ID. Both prices are a steal for the amount of learnin' you'll get in return.

Visit the RootsTech site for more details and check back here periodically for more updates.

[Disclosure: I am an official blogger for RootsTech 2012.]

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