Wednesday, February 1, 2012

RootsTech Bloggers Dinner Hosted by FamilySearch

Tonight I attended a dinner for RootsTech official bloggers and other media types. It was graciously hosted by FamilySearch at the Joseph Smith Building.

There were at least nine pre-assigned tables. Each one had representatives from Family Search and some bloggers and/or media types. I was fortunate enough to be seated with Paul Nauta and Don Anderson who does the patron services side of FamilySearch. I also sat next to my good buddy Jill Ball of Geniaus, proudly representing Australia.

After dinner and conversation, we were introduced to Dennis Brimhall. He is the newest FamilySearch CEO, replacing Jay Verkler. Mr. Brimhall was very nice and receptive. He admitted to being on a bit of a learning curve, and welcomed the feedback and guidance of bloggers.

Much of the FamilySearch presentation focused on preparations for indexing the 1940 census. In fact, we were referred to which will have the latest information. Genealogy bloggers near and far were encouraged to volunteer and promote volunteerism in regard to this census. One FamilySearch member referred to it as a "national service project." I liked that term.

They also showed a brief video geared toward getting people excited about participating in the indexing of the 1940 census. It was sweet and touching. It made Gordon Shipley get teary-eyed. I saw it myself. The good news is that this video will be shared with bloggers and we will be able to embed it on our own blogs.

There was also a brief update on the status of the SSDI situation and other potential political developments that may affect genealogists. To stay current and learn how to share your own plea for open records, stay tuned to

After brief end-of-dinner conversations, I made my way back down to the hotel. No big parties tonight because I'm saving my energy for tomorrow when the RootsTech party officially starts.


  1. Thank you, Amy, for keeping us virtual "Roots Techers" informed. I will stay tuned for your updates. Stay safe and have fun!

  2. Thanks for introducing us Roots Magic surfers to RootsTech.