Monday, March 12, 2012

In Pursuit of Your Passion

Spring break is here. This means that I play chauffeur to a railfan on top of everything else I have to do during the day. We went out this morning. I sat in the car and read a review copy of an upcoming genealogy book on my iPad while my son studied the landscape. His equipment included a video camera on a tripod, portable scanner set to railroad frequencies and a set of earplugs.

Do you love family history as much as this kid loves trains? 

If so, you're a very lucky person.

Keep working at it and you will be rewarded.


  1. Your pride doth showeth! Great advice.

  2. You've got to love a kid who has a passion. When my (now almost-18-year-old) son was between the ages of 2 and 8, he loved trucks, school busses and trains, about with the passion your son shows for trains. I love to read about how you enjoy his passion!

  3. You are a great mom! Love his passion and how he goes about it... you're not too bad yourself ;-)

  4. Fantastic! I love it when you share your son's passion with us.