Friday, March 16, 2012

Old Things in Fort Bend County, Texas

Spring break is coming to an end here. We honored it in style with a major day trip for the railfan in the house. 

Our destination was Rosenberg, Texas, but on the way there we pulled over to catch a train. When it was gone, I saw this cute train depot in Richmond.

I saw this great building as I was turning the car around. I think it is the Richmond Police Department.

We pulled up to the Rosenberg Railroad Museum. The railfan found a good spot to view and film trains. I took the museum tour, which included a visit into several old buildings and train cars. I took this photo from the second floor of Tower 17:

For lunch we went across the street to Another Time Soda Fountain. It is exactly as described. We sat at the counter, had a good lunch and sodas from another era. We also went back for dessert a couple hours later.

After lunch, the railfan went back to his perch. There were many trains, including an unusual engine+2 car Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) track inspection train. It was super rare. I didn't get a photo, but the kid got a video. It will be very popular on his YouTube channel.

None of the BNSF engineers rolling by were able to see that my son was wearing a BNSF shirt. He's a company man through and through. Where should I send his résumé?

Although I read some on my iPad, I didn't get any of my planned work done. That's ok. I'll get it done this weekend.

Days like these don't come around too often, just like that FRA train. You have to enjoy the opportunity when it arises and not worry about the rest.


  1. I love it! I will write that down so the next time we are traveling in Texas it will be a must see!

    1. Path Traveled, it does make a good day trip. There are several antique stores there, too.

      The museum is closed on Mondays. The soda fountain is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. I wouldn't be surprised if the antique stores were closed at least on Mondays as well.

      If you ever find your way to Rosenberg, double check the hours of the businesses before you get here. I'd hate for you to arrive to a closed town.

  2. Lovely photos and memories for you and your railfan. The architecture of the police building reminded me of the town hall in Lockhart, TX, which we visited last summer. A great trip and one that we'll be sure to make again.

    Cheers, K.

  3. I'm glad that you had a good day with the railfan. The railfan is very lucky to have a mom like you that enjoys helping him with his train passion. By the way what camera do you use to take these great pictures?

    1. Thanks, Larry. I just used the camera on my phone. Nothing fancy. :)