Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Genealogy Jamboree Vendors and Sponsors on Twitter

The 2012 Southern California Genealogy Jamboree is almost here!

Below is a list of vendors and sponsors who have Twitter accounts, as well a hand, a table, or a booth at the 2012 SCGS Jamboree.

If you're on Twitter, be sure to follow these folks so you don't miss a minute of the action. Use hashtag #scgs12 when talking about Jamboree or if you are following along at home.

Also don't forget to follow @scgsgenealogy, as they're the ones who put on this great event each year.

Vendors and Sponsors

@23andme - 23 and Me

@aboutone -

@ancestorexperts - New England Historic Genealogical Society

@ancestrydotcom -

@CAancestors - California Genealogical Society & Library

@CalArchivists - Society of California Archivists

@familychartmstr - Family ChartMasters

@FamilySearch - FamilySearch

@FamilyTreeMag - Family Tree Magazine

@findmypast - Find My Past

@fold3 - Fold 3

@genealogybank - Genealogy Bank

@geneastudies - National Institute for Genealogical Studies

@geni -

@houstorypub - Houstory

@IGenealogyMag - Internet Genealogy, the magazine

@JustaJoy4U -

@LegacyFamily - Legacy Family Tree software

@LegacyStories - Legacy Stories

@LisaCooke - Genealogy Gems

@lmeitzler - Family Roots Publishing

@magikey - The MagiKey

@mobilescanning - Flip Pal scanners

@MoHistoryMuseum - Missouri History Museum

@MyHeritage -

@NGSgenealogy - National Genealogical Society

@PhotoDetective - Maureen Taylor

@ronarons - Ron Arons

@rootsmagic - RootsMagic

@scgsgenealogy - Southern California Genealogical Society

@STTbooks - Stories to Tell

@wikitreeonline - WikiTree

Please note that this is not a list of ALL the vendors and sponsors at Jamboree. These are the ones who have Twitter accounts.

Vendors with Twitter accounts: use them. We want to visit you at Jamboree. We want to spend money and tell others about your products. We want to learn about prizes, drawings, product demonstrations and/or Elvis sightings via our Twitter feeds. Interact with us before, during and after the conference. I really wasn't kidding about the "we want to give you money" part.

If I am missing any vendors here, let me know in the comments below and I'll add you to the list. Thanks! --Amy (@acoffin).

Also in this series (coming soon):

2012 Genealogy Jamboree Speakers on Twitter
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  1. @acoffin, I'm lovin' these lists! The California Genealogical Society will have one of the society tables outside the exhibit hall all day Saturday. We'll be selling our San Francisco research guide, Raking the Ashes, and the Insider's Guide to California Genealogy. Please add @CAancestors to your list (and maybe you'll spend an hour with us sometime during the day?) Thanks!

    1. Geez, how could I forget CGS&L? All fixed. You're on this post and the Twitter lists.

      I'd be happy to spend an hour at the table, but I'm useless as a volunteer. I don't know the answers to any questions! I'm a bad member!