Monday, June 11, 2012

SCGS12 Hollywood Gala

The 2012 Southern California Genealogy Jamboree has come to a close. I took three whole pictures and I've included them here. All were taken at the Hollywood themed Gala on Friday night. Attendees were encouraged to dress up, so I did. 

Here I am with Thomas MacEntee. He was the MC of the event, so no big hair for him.

There was a photo booth at the gala. I was sitting at a table next to the photo booth, so I was able to get this great photo of Elizabeth O'Neal and Sheri Fenley. The went for the Old Hollywood look.

The photo booth included silly props that you could incorporate into your pictures. George Morgan and Drew Smith (aka the Geneaogy Guys) just wore their regular outfits.

The Jamboree gala was really fun. I liked it better than the traditional conference banquet where we have to sit in one spot and be served chicken-starch-vegetable for dinner. At the gala, we were able to mingle and have fun. There were even some real legends of Hollywood who were signing autographs. A good time was had by all.

{Note to my son: I'm sure you're mortified by your mother. However, please note that everyone said I had the best costume there. That has to count for something, right? Also, you better behave and keep your good grades or I will wear that foam hair to pick you up at school. Love, mom}


  1. Yes, you win the BEST costume prize. I want to know who does your hair????

  2. Love the new "do." Would love to see that behind the wheel of your car. If only for the expression on the faces of your son and his friends.

  3. Amy, These pictures are great! I love those sunglasses that Drew is wearing.
    I think I'm going to try and save my pennies for next year and see if I can attend this conference.

  4. Love the hair and the sequin top on you and all the beads on Thomas. Fabulous!

  5. Things overheard at Jamboree:

    "Amy, where's your hair?"

    "I parked my hair under that table."

    :o) So much fun!

  6. Dahling! You did have the best costume ever! Thanks for posting the lovely photo of Elizabeth and I.

    Missy Corley is right about the best line at Jamboree!

  7. It sounds like SCGS2012 was a hoot! I was able to catch some of the sessions online, but I guess there is nothing like being there, huh. I hope to get to a conference or two sometime this year.