Friday, July 6, 2012

Fun with Search Terms

It's time for another round of "Fun with Search Terms!" People type certain words or phrases into search engines. If the combination is right, my blog turns up in the search results. Sometimes the searches are funny. Sometimes I can provide more information to users, if only they'd comment on my blog. Either way, I enjoy the process. Please note that these searches are anonymous so I don't know who is stumbling on my blog. I just comment in the hope that they find it again.

Now on with the show. Actual search phrases are in bold.

ancestry libraries in Houston
I'm going to interpret this to mean you are looking for libraries in the Houston area that hold genealogy materials. The Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research is the obvious answer, but don't forget to check out the Conroe branch of the Montgomery County Library System. The George Library in Ft. Bend and Rosenberg Library in Galveston also have historical materials. I've also found good stuff at the Woodson Research Center, Houston Metropolitan Research Center and the Central Branch of the Houston Public Library where newspapers (and obituaries) are held.

cameron parish civil war memorial louisiana

Cameron Parish Courthouse

Here it is. I took photos of it including most of the names on it, and the World War II panels to each side. You know what else? People that contact me and ask nicely get those photos with their ancestors' names on them. Keep it in mind for next time.

grandma was in DAR, am i?
No. However, if your grandmother was in Daughters of the American Revolution, your path to qualify might be easier than others. Usually you have to prove (with a whole bunch of documentation) your direct relationship to a patriot. If your grandmother provided appropriate documentation for her application, you might only have to prove your relationship to grandma (or so I've been told by several DAR members as I have the same situation as you do). Consult your local DAR chapter for guidance on exactly what you need to begin the process and attain membership.

How to join genealogy societies
Show up. Bring a checkbook. If you want to join a society as a distance member or in an area where you don't live, register online or send in the appropriate forms and funds. Easy peasy.

best genealogist houston, texas
Yes. This search string leads right to this blog. My evil plan is working.

marriage of noel h thibodeaux and josephine bourgaux in Louisiana
noel thibodeaux and wife josephine b
noel thibodeaux and eliz eldridge married
I have information on all of this for both my great-grandparents and great-great grandparents. It's too bad you didn't contact me.

family tree for william minor quesenbury
Sorry, but family history isn't that easy. This is the point in the Quesenbury research where it gets challenging to go back further, so you thought the internets would just drop a complete family tree from the sky. That's not how it works. This is the point where you find my blog and see that William Minor Quesenbury/Quesenberry is my 4th great-grandfather. You are supposed to contact me. We have a friendly exchange and work together to fill in the Quesenbury line. That's how it works. Or you could just search "someone do my family history for me" on the Google. Know what happens when you do that? NO QUESENBERRY FOR YOU. Good day, sir.

That's all, folks! Go forth and genealogize.

P.S. I created a tag called Fun with Search Terms. Now you can read the whole series! Or not.


  1. Okay, this is just plain hilarious! I had to take a peek at your previous Fun with Search Terms and was laughing out loud!

  2. I so love reading your Fun with Search Terms! I Especially liked the Quesenberry one. Speaking of Quesenberry, that is a brick wall line on hubby's side.

  3. My family tree is by no means complete but I cannot figure out who William minor is lol. I come from Quesenberries as well. The closest to me would be Virginia Cordelia who married a Reece, her parents were Amos Ballard Quesenberry and Charity Lucinda Quesenberry Quesenberry.