Friday, January 25, 2013

Packing My Bags for RootsTech

The plane tickets are purchased. That makes it official. I'm going to RootsTech.

Special thanks to my parents who are actually flying to Houston to watch grandchild #1 so I can go to Salt Lake City and act like a child myself.

I don't have much on the dance card yet. I'm arriving a couple days before the conference so I can spend some time at the Family History Library. One night there's a birthday party for some old dude who turned 50. I think I have a dinner with FamilySearch another evening, but I can't remember. (Bloggers, am I imagining this?) Other than that I'm ready to mingle, meet new people, get looked down on by "peers," gossip, have a waffle one morning, test tech toys and hopefully learn something new.

If you're going to RootsTech, let's meet up. If you want to go to RootsTech, stay tuned because I'll be giving away a free registration. If you are devastated and a little jealous because you can't go, no worries because they usually record several off the sessions for home viewers. You can have the educational experience in your pajamas.

Until then, bear with me because I'm a little excited to be going to genealogical Disneyland. Must start planning my library visit now....

[Disclosure: I am an official RootsTech blogger. FamilySearch provided me a complimentary registration. The enthusiasm is my own. --A]


  1. Have a great time. You should be excited. I was so giddy last January when my hubby said I could spend a week in Ohio doing family research. So cool that your parents can come tend your home front so you can go play (er... work!)

  2. I know you'll make the most of your free time, Amy, as you always do! I well remember how good it feels to take off for a few days at a genealogy conference. I love my sons, but boy, was it good to know that they were someone else's problem for a change.

    I'll arrive late on Monday 18th - see you in the Library. And that birthday party, except that I thought it was a YOUNG dude who turned 50 :)

  3. The grandparents are not watching me. They are hanging out with me.

  4. This will be my first RootsTech conference and am very excited about being there. Hope to see you at the conference. I've enjoyed your blog posts as they always give me a chuckle. Now to find the time to plan my library visit...

    1. Thank you, Karen. I look forward to seeing you, too.

  5. Mr Geniaus and I arrive on Sunday arvo and are staying at the same lodgings as the last two Rootstechs.

    Look forward to catching up in the Library, at the Conference and at the Birthday Bash.