Friday, March 1, 2013

Fun with Search Terms

It's time for another round of "Fun with Search Terms!" People type certain words or phrases into search engines. If the combination is right, my blog turns up in the search results. Sometimes the searches are funny. Sometimes I can provide more information to users, if only they'd comment on my blog. Either way, I enjoy the process. Please note that these searches are anonymous so I don't know who is stumbling on my blog. I just comment in the hope that they find it again.

Now on with the show. Actual search phrases are in bold.

How can I view my dad's old report cards?
Ask, "Hey dad, may I see your old report cards?" Also ask other family members who may have old papers. If that doesn't get your the results you desire, you can attempt to get a transcript from the school (or school district). Chances are slim, though. Nobody has the funds or need to digitize old records of this type. Good luck with your search.

9 percent uncertain ancestrydna results is that high
Sounds high to me. I'm 10% uncertain and that's the highest result I've seen. Your 9% is the second highest. Most are around 5%. Here's my breakdown:
Lenertz family tree free
You're killing me. I've been working on the Lenertz family tree. I'm happy to share...with those who ask. Otherwise, you're on your own, cuz.

African American Genealogy Blogs
For specific types of genealogy blogs, always check the Blogs by Type page at Here's their list of African-American Genealogy Blogs.

getting paid to geneology
Umm....yeah. Sorry, all positions are filled indefinitely.

social network for keggers
My blog came up as a search result because I once compared to a keg party. Sorry I can't be of more help. You should invent a kegger app. It would totally sell.

She is a librarian at Conroe genealogy library
You're giving answers now? Are we playing Jeopardy? Fine, I'll answer in the form of a question. Who is Heather Kramer?

Where to find a family history blog?
Congratulations. You found one.

Thanks for playing, everyone!


  1. You're killing me, Amy! I especially love the family history blog question. :-)

  2. I'm 11% uncertain! Or, as I like to think, 11% alien. (Not sure this is a contest I want to win though.)

    My graph is included in this post:

    I, too, enjoyed your humorous responses.

    1. Wow! You have the record! Hopefully testing improves so we can figure out why everyone is uncertain about us. :)

  3. Wow, these are actual search phrases? That's a riot. It must be fun answering. Why don't I get fun questions like these? Guess I haven't been around long enough.

    Think I'll wait until DNA results are more certain. OR until I figure out how to read them, whichever comes first. LOL.

  4. LOL! I have no idea how I landed here, but I am glad I did. This is too funny and just the laugh I needed- thank you!

  5. You crack me up, Amy. Thanks for another Great dose of Coffin humour.

  6. Love it! I get a kick out of looking at the searches too. Here's some of the strangest that brought people to my blog:
    adam and eve genealogy crazyness
    flushable toilet brush warning
    how to get money for being cherokee indian phone number
    how is charlemagne related to joseph of aremethea?
    "sister wakoyantanke"
    joseph of arimathea genealogy

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