Tuesday, April 16, 2013

All New FamilySearch Web Site

FamilySearch has a new look. Are you seeing it? What do you think?

These are the changes that were revealed at the bloggers' dinner at RootsTech.

The FamilySearch home page is more social. The old home page gave us a menu to search for records. The new page gives equal weight to photos, stories, etc. Users are encouraged to add their own pictures and stories about their ancestors with the goal of making one big tree.

Will people contribute and share? Will they work together and resist the urge to be possessive of their ancestors? Only time will tell.

In late 2011, I had a client tell me what he wanted to do with his family history records. He asked for suggestions. Based on his wishes and specifications, I told him about this FamilySearch product that was in the works.

...and for a year I kept waiting for that product so I could show him. I saw pretty charts and pictures and slick FamilySearch presentations about the upcoming product. All I could do was relay the info to the client and hope I'd eventually have something to deliver. I kept telling him, "FamilySearch says it's coming," though I had no idea when. I hate making empty promises.

Today as I was sitting at the desk, working on this client's project, FamilySearch.org started to go wonky and slow. I refreshed my screen and there was the new site, with places to add photos and stories. I spent the next 3 hours adding information to this *forever* family tree. It's not perfect (I wish we could add documents and PDFs), but it does what this client wants it to do. That makes him happy. That makes me happy.


  1. I suddenly got a new FamilySearch view today, in a browser window that had been showing me old view. Have never been a fan of fan charts before - but I like this one!

    Following RootsTech, I played with family tree, and liked how clicking below any husband/wife box brought up list of children.. a bit nicer than 2-step process on Ancestry.

    The document attach process is overly-complicated to me, especially since so much easier on Ancestry - so wonder how much it'll be used.

  2. PS also VERY glad that boxy logo didn't make it to new view, though I kinda miss the old tree logo.

  3. That's excellent. Stories and photos really help add personality. I've been working mainly on Ancestry, which has a "Contributor" function where certain invited family members (I've invited 50) can share stories and photos. I know I've got to get deeper into FamilySearch, and I will, for all my questions after I put together the main line.

    Photos are my favorite. I feel I can almost know a person by looking at a photo. Probably fooling myself. :))

  4. Family Search is second in my research after Ancestry.com. I love the new interface. It's very attractive, easy on the eyes, and user friendly - easily navigable.

    I continually monitor the updates and additions for any new gems.