Thursday, April 18, 2013

Forensic Genealogy Institute Re-Cap, part 3

See Forensic Genealogy Institute Re-Cap part 2 here.

Hopefully the last 2 blog posts give you an idea of what to expect in the Forensic Genealogy Institute. This last section includes bits of information that may be of interest to you.

Are you experienced enough to attend the Forensic Genealogy Institute? That's something you have to determine. This is definitely not for beginners. At the very least, be an intermediate researcher with goals that match this group's mission. At least half of my class were practicing forensic genealogists. I am not, but followed along just fine and did well on the practicum. I'd consider my group to be advanced researchers. Questions were asked and encouraged, but they were on a higher level. Attendees should be comfortable with technology.

Certifications and fancy letters after your name
I was pleased to discover that the Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy is developing a certification program that meets the standards and experience necessary to be qualified in the field of forensic genealogy. The exact name of the distinction and specific requirements are still being formed. The application process will likely include a report, written test, oral test and possibly interviews.

Forensic genealogy book in the works
Someone is working on a forensic genealogy book as we speak. I think it will be on the level -- and more current -- than Professional Genealogy. Sorry to be vague, but I didn't ask permission to talk about this one, so I don't know how much I can say. All I know is that I'm really looking forward to the publication of this book.

CAFG resource page
It just sits there quietly, but it's too good to keep a secret. Check out the CAFG resource page.

Mentor program
I learned about the CAFG mentor program during the institute and was very impressed with what I heard. I don't know of any other group that offers such an opportunity to learn the skills you need, guided by experienced professionals.

The next Forensic Genealogy Institute will be March/April 2014. The date isn't cemented yet because they're trying to work around Easter. After the 3-day institute, there will be an opportunity to stay on for advanced tracks in certain forensic genealogy subjects. Only people who have completed the institute can attend advanced tracks.

Guess that's it. I learned a lot in 3 days. If you have any user-end questions about the institute, I'd be happy to answer them. If you have specific questions, you're better off emailing They're a good group.


  1. Thank you for a very thorough report!

    Dee Dee King, CG
    CAFG Sec-Treas

    1. Thank you for creating such a fantastic program!

  2. Thank you for sharing an interesting and intense side of genealogy I wasn't aware existed. Im a simple hobby genealogist attempting to be as thorough as I can. There is always another higher, better level to strive for. Good for you for successfully learning this higher level. :-)