Monday, July 15, 2013

New Family of the Feline Kind

Hi all. Back from vacation which was awesome. It took me a while to catch up because the day after we got back, we adopted two cats.

At the adoption table, they only had two cats because we got there so early. We ended up taking both.

Meet Samantha. We call her Sam. I call her Sammy Girl.

Sam isn't chunky, she just has a lot of fur. She's a Cymric with a stumpy tail (about 1/3 of a regular cat tail). Very sweet an mellow. I'm glad we adopted her.

The other cat is actually a kitten. He put on a real show in his cage when he saw us. I knew he was ours after about 10 seconds.

Jack is about 13 weeks old now. He's a pain in the ass when he's awake, but very cute. His shading indicates that he will be darker. I'm enjoying the kitten stage, but it will be nice when he is a little bigger. I'm tired of him fitting in places he shouldn't go.

So the past week, I've been doing vacation laundry as well as other people's genealogy. In my "spare" time I'm helping the new cats adjust to their forever home. I think they've finally figured it out.

I have a few vacation photos to show you. Yes, they slightly pertain to family history. I'll get those up soon.


  1. Sam is certainly a beautiful cat! She certainly looks mellow in that pose. Jack appears to be a Siamese-type; is he?

    1. That's our guess, Yvonne. He came from a shelter, so we don't have much history for him.

  2. Cute cats. Right now I have my three and my daughters three cats in my house. The growling and hissing have decreased. She found a house and will be moving in the end of July. The six of them are a PITA too.

  3. Sammy Girl is one handsome female cat. That fur makes her look majestic. And Jack is irresistible. All curled up. And look at those ears!