Friday, October 18, 2013

What's in the Pie? My Enhanced Ancestry DNA Results

I got my "enhanced" AncestryDNA results yesterday. They vary greatly from my original results. 

Before we get to the new stuff, here is the pie chart from my old results:
At the time, I questioned the high Scandinavian percentage, since I have zero indication of such heritage. I didn't knock that I had a Scandinavian history, just that it would be this high without me knowing about it. I also thought the 10% uncertain result was very high for a DNA test. I did not see any other person's Ancestry DNA set of results that had 10% uncertainty anywhere. However, I had done the test purely for my own amusement so I left it at that.

Here are the enhanced results. Big difference!

First, I was very happy to see that Native American sliver of the pie. My family proved Chickasaw heritage in order to become Chickasaw Citizens, but it was comforting to see it in the DNA results. We're legit!

Second, look how the Scandinavian percentage went from 33% to 6%. That's a number I can believe. I still don't know where it comes from. I just know it's there.

Western Europe is only 7%. My paper research indicates that should be higher with all the French, German and Belgian history. Just shows how far back a DNA test can go, and how recent my research actually is.

What is going on with Great Britain? 53%? I know my paternal grandmother is responsible for part of this. What bothers me is that my dad's Y-DNA test indicates several matches in Great Britain, but my research is showing Luxembourger (German). Did the Lenertz line originate in Great Britain or do we have a non-paternal event somewhere? I'm going to have to DNA test another Lenertz male. Any takers? I'll pay for the test. I simply have to know what the heck is going on with all this British-ness in my blood.

Italy/Greece? What is going on there? Who are you people and what are you doing in my DNA? You know, I'm suspicious about my French ancestors. They look olive-complexioned in old photos. I just dismissed it as farm tans from vineyard work, but maybe it's something in their genes and they came from another place.

Europe East is my maternal grandmother's mother. I'm sure of it. Austria/Hungary border and points east according to my research. No surprise there.

West Asia? Ancestry defines this as the countries on the Arabian Peninsula like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc. No idea where that came from, but I'm guessing my mom's side.

For fun, here's my old results from FamilyTree DNA:

I view these enhanced DNA results just like the old ones: mostly for my own entertainment. I've had zero-percent success contacting matches. Zero. It's very sad. I don't know why nobody will respond to my messages. Oh well. Back to figuring out who I am.

Did you get some enhanced AncestryDNA results lately? What did they say about you?


  1. I was also surprised at the changes in ours. I had just about reconciled myself to the first ones, and now I have new mysteries to address. The huge Scandinavian percent on one of ours was refined to more UK divisions, and I believe that's because the original Viking groups who settled in the UK were showing up as the match.

  2. I got my new results today. My old results did not meet my expectations at all. It was 93% British and 7% unknown. The new results are super. It does match my paper trail better..... German, French, Native American , Irish etc. My results are broken down into about 12 groups now. But I too am wondering whats up with the my Greeks and the Northern Russians? LOL

  3. Do you have any ancestors from Kentucky?
    Would love to trade info!