This blog is about my personal genealogy exploits and various adventures I encounter along the way. Though I belong to a handful of affiliate programs, I receive no regular (or measurable) compensation for my blog. I will let you know right in the blog post if I ever refer you to an affiliate link.

I maintain a professional research and writing business in the field of genealogy. Sometimes at this blog I will write about my services, experiences or other general information about this profession. Client confidentiality will always be respected.

RootsMagic is my genealogy program of choice. I received a complimentary copy at a genealogy event in 2009. I tried it and liked it, so I've used it ever since. Sometimes I write on this blog about  my experiences with RootsMagic. I've never been compensated by the company or asked to write anything favorable. My opinions are my own as a user.

RootsTech made me an Official Blogger in 2011, 2012 and now in 2013. I recieved complimentary registration to these events. I have also attended small events hosted by FamilySearch in the past. Occasionally, they provide a meal or small gift. FamilySearch keeps me in the loop about their new products, services and records. The opinions I share on my blog about the organization are my own. I have not been compensated or asked to write anything favorable in exchange for these informational opportunities.

The Federation of Genealogical Societies made me an Official Blogger for their 2011 conference. I received complimentary registration to the event, plus media access.

I currently have formal affiliations with Amazon.com and GenealogyBank. Assume all advertising on the blog is tied to my affiliate accounts. If I provide a product link within a post, I will let you know it is an affiliate link. 

Occasionally, I publish press releases (again, not compensated) in an attempt to grow the genealogy community and/or if I see something that may benefit readers.

Though I keep my blog relatively light and fun, I take my responsibility as a blogger very seriously. I strive to be honest and transparent. My intentions are pretty basic: enjoy the process of researching family history and share that experience with others. I'll update this page as needed. In the mean time, go out and have fun. Your ancestors are waiting...