Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Get Ready, Arkansas

Today I made hotel reservations and everything's confirmed: my first planned family history trip will be in early August in Pope County, Arkansas.

The subject is William Woodberry Williamson (1853-1942), his 3 wives and 7 kids. Also if there's time, John Laurens Williamson (1811-1862), his 2 wives and (guesstimated) 10 children. If anything pertaining to Brigance or Quesenberry falls out of the sky, I'll take that, too.

I have a day planned at the Pope County Library. Their online details of their genealogy holdings is making it easy for me to write down ahead of time what I want to see when I'm there.

I also have a day for cemeteries, chasing down the graves of many, many people.

One day is devoted to court house research as well, but hopefully I can get a lot from the film at the library.

As if there wasn't enough to do, it turns out that BargainsGaloreOn64 is going on at the same time. 160 miles' worth of antiques and garage sales? That's just too tempting...

So the money's spent and the plans are made. Now I have to do my homework, print my notes and be ready to break down walls and get some answers.

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