Sunday, August 10, 2008

Arkansas Road Trip, Part 1

Let me tell you about my exciting trip to Arkansas! My dad, my son (not a willing participant) and I drove from Houston to Texarkana on Sunday. On Monday, we took our time on the back roads to our final destination of Russellville, Pope County, Arkansas. We got there in the afternoon. There wasn't any plan to do any family huntin' on that day, but we couldn't resist. Since we were staying in the north part of town, we decided to check out the Shiloh-Williamson Cemetery.

I'm pretty sure the "Shiloh" comes from the Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church founded in the area in the 1830's (now gone). The "Williamson" part comes from the.....wait for it....Williamson family.

It was incredibly hot that day, with the heat index pushing 110. We walked around and took a few pictures, but not much else. It was too hot!

Here is the view of the Shiloh-Williamson Cemetery on Darby Road. The cemetery was moved in the 1960's when Lake Dardanelle was formed, so some of these stones are symbolic as there were no remains to transfer. Bummer.

The noise you hear in the video is my car engine running. We had the A/C on so my son, the unwilling participant, could stay cool while sitting in there.

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