Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mail Bag, August 1, 2008

When you apply to colleges, receiving thick envelopes in the mail is good. It means the colleges want you. They get your attention by packing lots of colorful brochures and application forms into fat envelopes that take up the whole mailbox.

When you send off for vital records, a thick envelope can be a bad thing. Thin envelope means "here is your certificate, thanks for playing." Thick envelope means, "ummm...there's seems to be a problem with your request, here are 10 other forms and pages that explain why you're not getting the certificate."

So today I got a thick envelope from Arkansas. Sigh. I got denied on Thula's death certificate. Enclosures included the rules for why you can't get death certificates in Arkansas, which is odd because I just got another death certificate from Arkansas without incident.

My guess is that Thula's 1980's death date is the problem. Too recent. But I don't know that for sure because the 10 pages of NO sent by the State of Arkansas don't explain that.

No time to dwell. I have to pack for the Williamson Genealogy Road Trip and Ancestral Death Tour.

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