Sunday, August 3, 2008

Road Trip!

It's time for the Williamson Family Tour and Extravaganza. Today we're driving as far as Texarkana. Tomorrow, we'll meander through Arkansas and roll into Russellville whenever we get there. On my list of things to do this week:

Cemetery visits (6) - I have a list of headstones of which I want photographs. Every one else I get will be considered a bonus.

Library visit - look up newspaper articles, obituaries, some court records an anything else I can find in their genealogy department

Court house - whatever I can't get from the library's court files

Arkansas Tech U - at some point, the family farm was on this location. Seeing the school is as close as I'll get to visiting ancestral lands. Go Wonder Boys and Golden Suns!


  1. Good luck with your trip. I haven't been able to do one in awhile. And where did you find the Texas waffle maker? I'm jealous. Are you on Facebook yet? I don't see your blog there. You should join us other geneabloggers when you get back.

  2. Your mom told me about your site. I haven't read all of the We Tree but I did read the one about Aunt Beth. That is the person am named after. She must have been very special to my parents if they wanted to attach her name to me! I told Jeffery & Kyle about your site. They have been asking me questions I couldn't answer so maybe they can get a better understanding of the family history through your writings. You don't need maps your dad brought Thelma to help you navigate.