Sunday, October 19, 2008

Adventures with Cordy, September 28, 1976

[Below is days 22 in a series of road trip diary installments. To get the full context, start with Adventures with Cordy: A Road Trip Diary and follow the trail from there. --Amy]

September 28, (Tuesday)

On to Thomaston, Maine for a visit through a State Prison retail store. They had many nice articles for sale made by prisoners. It was interesting. Lunch at Bath, Maine in a nice place. The stupid hostess was not too nice but the food was good. Spent the night at Bedford, Maine.

Hey, I've been to that store! It's not one of those things you make a point to visit in Maine. Rather, you just notice the sign as you're driving down the road and decide the prison store is a place you need to see. I bet that was also the case on this trip in 1976. It's an interesting place and they make nice stuff.

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