Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adventures with Cordy, September 29, 1976

[Doris, Lynn and Jack]

[Below is days 23 in a series of road trip diary installments. To get the full context, start with Adventures with Cordy: A Road Trip Diary and follow the trail from there. --Amy]

September 29, (Wednesday)

Drove to Concord, Mass. where Doris had some friends she wanted to visit, Louisa May Alcott, Longfellow, Emerson, and others, but none of them were at home, all out to the cemetery. We went to Sleepy Hollow and Doris said "Hello" and when she left she said "Bye." Saw the famous bridge where the Minutemenn fired the shot "Heard around the World."

We continued through beautiful Mass. country and entered Rhode Island at Woonsocket and on to Conn. where we visited the small town of Mystic which is a gorgeous little area crammed with nice shops and a pretty Seaport. Spent the night in Danbury, Conn.

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  1. Uncle Lynn is such a comic. He made me laugh tonight. This group seem to spend a lot of time shopping.