Monday, December 8, 2008

Back to School: NGS Couse Update

I've been asked for another report on my NGS class, so here goes. I'm still on Lesson 2.

The course comes on 3 CDs. There are reading assignments for each lesson and self-grading quizzes. There are written assignments, which have to be printed out and snail-mailed to NGS (if you chose the graded option, which I did). There are sample assignments on the CDs for each lesson, which I like because I'm visual and it helps me see what is expected.

Also included with each lesson are suggested readings. Some of the books I own. Some of the books I can borrow from Harris County Public Library system. For the rest I have to go to the Clayton Library and read there. If you're considering taking this course, you may want to align youself with a large library system for inter-library loan. Otherwise, just read what you have access to and skip the rest. You don't need to read everything, but the books and articles are good.

Personally, I think the CD as a course medium is kind of dated, but that's just my opinion. The discs work fine on my computer and I'm moving along. There is a discussion list I can turn to if I have any questions. I wish there was an online message board for questions. I would love to see past discussions. I would love to know who is at my point in the course. I would love to meet others . The discussion list isn't set up for such socialization and I feel isolated.

All this may stem from my experiences getting an MLIS degree. The school stayed on top of technology to create interactive learning experiences. My first forays into the professional genealogy world feel like a step back in time. I see where they can be, what they have to potential to do and it's frustrating that they're not there yet.

Oh wait, this was a post about my NGS course right? Yeah, it's moving along fine.

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