Friday, December 5, 2008

Renovations at the Clayton Library

This week I needed to get some specialized reading done for my NGS course, so I took a quick trip to the Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research. The Clayton is part of the Houston Public Library system, yet slightly different than the other branches. You can't get the lastest fiction here, but it's like a genealogical Disneyland.

The story of the Clayton library is best explained on the Clayton Library Friends web site (under Clayton House). Most of the collection is now in the main library building. Also on the grounds is the Clayton house, which used to house the library. For months now, this house has been under renovation. This week marked the first time I'd seen the construction fences down, so I took a few pix.

The crane in the background is for a different, unrelated construction project behind the library.

I think family histories will be housed here, but I'm not sure. The parking lot for the Clayton is to the left of this house. To the left of the parking lot is the main building of the library. It's much bigger than this house.

One of the other buildings (not sure if it's this one) will be a meeting area. The library's current meeting closet can hold about 5 1/2 people in it, so I am excited for this new area. It means better programming will be coming to the Clayton.

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  1. The building is very nice. The fireplace has some fine woodwork. However, I think it is the collection and the staff that make it sch a wonderful library.