Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Oddities

The Christmas Tour of Blogs will no doubt feature some lovely decorations and beautiful homes. This is not one of those entries. Due to a busy schedule and our holiday plans, our house isn't highly decorated this year. We just have a few things up, most of which isn't really exciting to write about.

Below are a few of the oddities in our traditional Christmas. There are certain decorations and ornaments which warrant some explanation. I invite you into my house and give you the stories behind these items.

One of these treasures is this candle. It used to be a colorful, round candle featuring two snowmen on opposite sides. Last year, as opposed to all the other years in storage, it melted sometime during the hot Houston summer. When we opened the box, this is what we found (and it still gets a place on the shelf):

I collect snowmen. That's my "thing." I have snowmen made from paper, socks, gourds and what not. When I saw this ornament, I knew I had to have it. I realize it's a hunting snowman, but with guns for arms it really fits my dark sense of humor:

My baloney has two names and they are displayed in one place, this gift from my sister:

In 1999, my husband bought me an ornament to commemorate our son's 3rd Christmas. The only problem was that it was really his 2nd Christmas. Oops. The ornament automatically became part of our Decoration Hall of Fame:

My parents were not tree toppers. We never had an angel or star on our Christmas tree, so I followed suit when I got married. Years ago, my husband felt the tree needed that little extra something and put this mini Seahawks helmet on top. It's been part of the holiday process ever since.

This is a decorative rooster on top of a cabinet in our kitchen. Two years ago, my husband threw Mardi Gras beads on the rooster. For year-round usefulness, we also call them Valentine beads, 4th of July beads, and Texan football beads. Last year, my husband threw a Santa hat on the rooster. I can't reach it and my husband won't get it, so the Santa rooster stands all year round now.

Thank you for visiting my home and sharing in my Christmas oddities. I assure you, we do *normal* holiday things, too, they're just not as fun to talk about as these items. I hope you enjoyed the tour.

Special thanks to Denise Olson of Moultrie Creek for hosting the Christmas Tour of Blogs.


  1. I've never seen a 2nd or 3rd Christmas ornament. My husband would have done just the opposite and bought it for one if the kids 4th Christmas. Love the chicken!

  2. What a riot! I'd say you have the Midkiff sense of humor. Maybe it's something from Texas...!

  3. Ha! I wish you could hear me laughing at that poor Christmas, Santa, Mardi Gras, rooster! I'm sorry, I know he must be like a member of your family by now, and I mean no disrespect towards you or the rooster. I think he deserves a photo spot on your blog for the holidays!

  4. How funny, Amy, and you have started new family traditions :-) Love the candle!