Friday, December 19, 2008

The Obligatory Happy Holidays Post

Today is Early Christmas here, and tomorrow morning we hop on a plane. From that point I will be busy seeing everyone, wrapping presents and getting things ready.

I intend to post between now and the New Year, but I can't guarantee a staeady stream of content. There are just too many family memories to make and not enough time to cram it all in with this brief visit.

Therefore, this stolen moment is all I have to wish everyone a wonderful holdiay season. Thank you to my family and friends who read this blog. Thank you to the regular anonymous readers who visit faithfully every day. Say hi sometime! Also, thank you to all the genea-bloggers who have shared their lives, history and knowledge. You make it fun.


  1. Happy Holidays and safe travel!

  2. The Educated Genealogist has given the Proximidade Award to you. Please see