Monday, January 12, 2009

Price Increase in OK not OK

The price of dying in just went up in Oklahoma. Actually, the price of verying one's death went up.

The last batch of Oklahoma death certificate applications I sent out cost $10 apiece. Now, they are $15 each! Happy New Year, I guess.

The form is updated. It asks for more information, which may aid in finding the record. You may also type right on the form and print it, but you can't save it.


  1. Prices in NY start at $22. There is no way I can order all of the certificates I'd like. If they won't let you copy the page or print it you could try a screen shot.

  2. No kidding! Seems like most all records have gone up in the past few years. Remember when a social security form copy was only $12? What are they now? Close to $30!

    Amy thanks a bunch for stopping by my blogs - I should have picked up before you came! As you saw, I've got quite a mess going on at my place! I still can't believe I've got those pictures up on my site.

    Take care

  3. I had this same problem. I mailed the form with $10 for one request then mailed another one 2 days later and it got bounced back saying I owed $5!!!