Friday, August 7, 2009

Google Analytics and We Tree

In order to learn more about what works/doesn't work for readers of my blog (and to feed my own ego) I have a couple of traffic meters on this blog.

One is Google Analytics. Basically, from this tool I get reports on the pages visitors view, the keywords they choose, the search engines they use and more. No personal information of users is provided, I just get a general survey of how my blog is utilized.

Today I looked at my keyword report and decided to share it with you. Here is a brief look at the top 10 keywords and phrases that bring folks to this blog's doorstep:

#1 & #2 are variations on the surname Lenertz. This makes me very happy, as this unusual name and my related brick walls were two of the reasons I started this blog. I put the word out there that I was researching this name and the response has been great.

#3 and #5 are variations on the We Tree name. This also makes me very happy. It means people are looking for my blog and finding it.

#4 is the catch-all "genealogy blogs" phrase. I don't know exactly what people are looking for when they type that phrase, but I'm happy they find my blog. Hopefully they like what they see.

#6 is "blogger word verification not working." Blogger has had trouble with comments and word verification in the past. When it first happened, I wrote a quick blog post informing readers of the trouble and how I was circumventing the problem. Since then, others having the same issue with Blogger search for answers and land on my blog. I don't expect many of these visitors to stick around.

#7 and #9 are phrases that indicate people are looking for blog ideas and topics. This pleases me to no end, as I have two very successful blog posts about ideas for genealogy blogs. I must be doing something right to drive those people to my blog. I hope they find the ideas they're looking for and start genealogy blogs of their own.

#8 is my name. How flattering! Hopefully these are genealogists and not stalkers.

#10 is a 13-way tie. Most of the keywords and phrases were variations of the first nine.

I must say, I am pleased with what I see. I know who I want to reach with this blog. Based on the people finding it and liking it, I think I'm on the right track.

Do you find these analytics breakdowns interesting? Should I do it again?


  1. Amy,

    That is very interesting and informative. It's good to see that people are finding your blog for the right reasons. I'm one of the people who searched "genealogy blogs". I was looking for ideas for starting a blog and your posts are great. Thanks for sharing this information.


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