Friday, October 16, 2009

Genealogy Society Blogs

I wrote an article for's Family History Bulletin and it was published today:

Should Your Genealogy Society Have a Blog?

If you don't feel like reading the piece, my answer is "yes" simply because blogs are one of those rare tools that are cheap/free, easy and fast.

If your genealogy society starts a blog, let me know. I read them all, regardless of location or focus.


  1. Great article Amy! I hope more societies are inspired to start blogging.

  2. Amy

    Great job with the article - your approach and easy-to-understand descriptions make it easy for any genealogical society to create a blog, no matter the tech skill level of their members.

  3. Once I get a ton of other Things I Must Do (mostly related to my college studies) I need to get our society's blog up and running!

    Yes, societies should have a blog!

  4. Amy,
    What an excellent how-to guide for gen societies! The CGSL blog is honored to be used as a an example and tickled to learn that it is an "in-store sale circular." Fantastic analogy - I will definitely be quoting you. Great writing - you make the GB proud!