Friday, November 13, 2009

Follow Friday Starring Genea-Musings

There's a custom on Twitter that every Friday, you give some publicity love and a little shout out to your favorite folks, followers and friends. Recently, the tradition has gravitated over to the blogosphere. I've decided to play along and will spotlight a favorite blog or web site (almost) every Friday.

I've decided to start the series with one of the first genealogy blogs I ever read. Randy Seaver's Genea-Musings is one of the more prominent genealogy blogs out there (Randy will argue that, but it's true). I know he has a large list of followers because whenever he mentions my blog, I get a spike in traffic. When Randy talks, people listen.

And what does Randy talk about? Everything! He likes technology and is always the first to try new online toys, software, etc. He offers honest commentary and numerous screenshots of the genealogy products or services he's testing. I'm not a fan of reading instruction manuals, so Randy's reviews help me make decisions and cater to my short attention span. I trust his opinion.

Randy also talks about his own genealogy adventures. He's active in his local community societies and describes their events. He's also a California native and I enjoy reading his historical take on my home state. Lastly, Randy often speaks lovingly of his family and I admire that. When I met his wife in Burbank this past June, I felt like I was meeting a celebrity because he's talked about her so much. (I think all genealogy bloggers are celebrities. I need to start collecting autographs).

If you only have time to read a few blogs, you can't go wrong by including Genea-Musings in the mix. You'll learn a lot, and Randy may even show you his funny t-shirts.


  1. So very true! "...when Randy talks, everyone listens..." I like that.


  2. Thank you. I'm humbled. Who knew?

    And this from the geneablogger woh gave us all "Rock Star" ribbons which we wore proudly at Jamboree! Since I have so few ribbons from other conferences, I've decided to wear ALL of mine at every conference! And the beads too. Hey - gotta act like a rock star, right? My signature is already unreadable - worse than most baseball players. Eventually, I'll start unfastening buttons on my Hawaiian shirts... um, maybe not?

  3. I 2nd everything Amy said! My blog always gets a spike in readership with Randy mentions it!