Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's the Plan, Stan? A ProGen Update

Is it possible that I'm already working on my ninth ProGen assignment? Time flies. This month's task is to write a business plan, which sounds scary until you actually start to do the items required of you.

The wise folks behind ProGen provided several links, readings and whatnot to simplify the process. There are even outlines to follow and some great financial templates provided by the SBA.

Part of a business plan is a mission statement. That was one of our first assignments, so I can check that off the list. Last month's assignment was about resumes, so I will add that information to my plan as well. Much of what I need to include has already been done, or at least discussed in earlier assignments, readings and chat sessions.

We were given a choice of outline styles. I'm going with the more detailed SBA one to challenge myself. We're also supposed to turn in just a rough draft, but if I have time, I may try to make mine fancy just to see if I can do it well.

This seems like a daunting task, but it's not that bad. I work on it 60 minutes a day, every day. The nice thing about ProGen is that there are no wrong answers or ways of doing things. It is what you make of it. I want to do big things, so I challenge myself to go the extra mile. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. But I learn from every experience and that's what matters.

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  1. You go, girl! I didn't know there was anything like this, but its great to know that someone is out there, learning how it's done. Keep up the good work. ~ Yaya
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