Monday, December 21, 2009

Advent Calendar: December 21

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Prompt: December 21 - Christmas Music
What songs did your family listen to during Christmas? Did you ever go caroling? Did you have a favorite song?

Back in the day, my dad had a reel-to-reel player that had Christmas songs. I don't remember the exact songs. My favorite one was probably the entire score for the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

My parents have a jukebox of 45s at their house now. A large portion of the box is Christmas music. My son loves to pick the songs and we have some happy memories from that.

No caroling in this family. We're vocally challenged, best when seen and not heard.

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  1. I love the score to "A Charlie Brown Christmas!" I acually have it on my iPod and force my family to listen to it every year. Your parents' jukebox sounds very cool!

    Hope you're having a nice Christmas season and feeling much better now.

    Little Bytes of Life