Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun With Search Terms

It's time for another great edition of "Fun with Search Terms." I employ a handful of different free services and search trackers that tell me how people find my blog. The details I receive don't tell me who you are, don't worry. Your privacy is protected. I do, however, get a list of the search terms people use when they click the search engine results that lead to my blog. Some are funny. Some I can provide with further information and I often do so. Here is a sample of searches for the recent past:

"family history expos 2010 vendors"
The best place to find vendor lists for these events is from the Family History Expos website (more specifically the Events page). Because these are regional events, the vendors will differ between locations. A full vendor picture will be available right before each event, so keep that in mind.

"oklahoma death certificates"
Here's where I get my Oklahoma death certificates by mail.

"one day my hard drive is there the next its gone"
Boy, don't I know it!

"arkansas tate wonder boys"
Do you mean Arkansas Tech Wonder Boys? Their mascots are the Wonder Boys and the Golden Suns. I couldn't resist this opportunity to give a shout out to ATU. It's built on the former homestead of my 4th great-grandfather, John Williamson. Represent!

"2 important events that happen in TX"
Sun comes up, sun goes down.

"houston texas birth record Jan 2009"
Your best bet is this page.

"amy coffin genealogy rock star"
Thank you. Thankyouverymuch.


  1. Always enjoy your posts, and I especially like your new blog layout.

  2. This does it for genealogy humor for me! The search terms AND your responses both made me chuckle. Thanks.