Monday, April 26, 2010

Anatomy of a Military Pension File, Part 19

Previously, I reported on the acquisition of my great-great-great grandfather's military pension file. The documents contained within paint a picture of a man and his family about which I knew very little. I've decided to share this 103-page treasure with you a few pages at a time.

Page 35: Bill from the druggist re: items pertaining to the care of Amelia Baerecke

In part 18, there was a note from the commissioner saying that in order to be reimbursed for medical and death-related costs of her mother (Amelia Baerecke), Lena Smith would have to furnish bills attesting to the charges. This is one of those bills. Given the date, it's clear Lena went back to the druggist to get a copy of the bill specifically for the reimbursement request.

What I learned from this document:

The name of the druggist was Fred W. Kemp. A street address is provided. I could look up where he worked in relation to the Smith house. I could also research his business or look up Mr. Kemp in the 1910 census if I felt so inclined.

The date range in which these medical items were purchased: 28 Dec 1911 - 4 Jan 1912. These are the last days in the life of Amelia Baerecke. 

The medical items purchased included a syringe, medicine, a bottle of something and gauze. I think all of the numbers were medication and/or product codes.

It's both strange and fascinating to see the medical supplies provided to my great-great-great grandmother in the final days of here life.

Coming up, the doctor's bill. Stay tuned...


  1. Interesting, Amy! I've never seen a receipt from a pharmacist in a Civil War pension file.

  2. I have seen some different items in civil war pension files, but haven't seen that! Thanks for sharing that information!

  3. Terrific post and awesome blog Amy! I'm looking forward to time spent noodling around your blog (that is as soon as I can find time to put down DAR and spend "me" time!) Fondly, Cindy