Friday, April 2, 2010

Best Deal in Genealogy

You know those Louisiana death certificates I ordered last week? They arrived yesterday! I sent the forms on one Thursday and the certificates came on the next Thursday. And the records were only $5 each! I need to see if there are any other death certificates I need before the Secretary of State wises up and raises the price.

Below are the death certificates I requested and received. I know you won't care, but I want to list them here so others who may be searching online will land on my blog, contact me, exchange info and live happily ever after as cousins in Genealogyland.

Julia Bourgaux Menou d. 30 Jul 1949

George Paul Bourgaux d. 26 Dec 1931

Charles Matt / Matte d. 1 July 1938 (2nd husband of my great-great grandmother who was the widow of my great-great grandfather who suffered from wandering-eye disease)

Elizabeth Thibodeaux Scanlan d. 29 March 1952 (daughter of Mr. wandering-eye disease)

Frank Scanlan d. 22 April 1946 (husband of Elizabeth)

Earl Rufus Scanlan d. 18 Dec 1933 (Homicide! Shot in a restaurant! Son of Elizabeth and Frank)

ValJean Menou d. 20 Dec 1925 (age 6 of diptheria)

Victor Menou d. 16 Nov 1954 (age 3 of accidental hanging. So sad.)


  1. It's bizarre that we both blogged the same idea on the same. However, Mass. still outdoes Louisiana in the bargain dept.

  2. I'm jealous. I'm waiting for a critical death certificate from Los Angeles county, and it's late. I've walked to the window to see if the mail truck is out there so many times that I might wear a path in my floor. Nothing in California is fast.

    I'm perversely envious of your murder finding...that's going to be an interesting story to research.

  3. Congrats on all your new info. But, girlfriend, we need to get you over to Baton Rouge. If you think $5 by mail is a bargain, inhouse is only 50cent!

  4. That is a great price! Most of my ancestors are from Massachusetts and Connecticut, where records are generally $5 at the town level. A higher price than that seems utterly ridiculous!

  5. My "deal" was $8 for five Confederate Pension Applications from the Texas State Archives - I've been a total state archives groupie ever since then.

  6. WOW. I am impressed not only by the cost but how fast they sent them to you.

    I am still procrastinating on sending for mine is PA. Because it is such a hassle to dead with anything connected with the state of PA.

  7. Kathi, I would love to get "in house" in Baton Rouge. Someday....

    Claudia, I need some PA records, too. The prognosis isn't good. Why is it so hard to get records from that state? Grr....

  8. Hah! Y'all better hope you don't have anyone who died in the state of Washington -- $17!


    But at whatever price, I'm glad I was able to get the document.