Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun With Search Terms

It's time for another great edition of "Fun with Search Terms." I employ a handful of different free services and search trackers that tell me how people find my blog. The details I receive don't tell me who you are, don't worry. Your privacy is protected. I do, however, get a list of the search terms people use when they click the search engine results that lead to my blog. Some are funny. Some I can provide with further information and I often do so. Here is a sample of searches for the recent past:

angelina genealogy conference
The Angelina College Genealogy Conference is in Lufkin, Texas, in July.

What's the plan Stan?
Beat's the heck out of me, Lee.

1900 Acadia Parish census
Go to FamilySearch Pilot, and click "Browse our record collections." Click North America on the map, then scroll down until you find the 1900 census. You should be able to search your people in Acadia Parish there.

war memorial calcasius pass
Do you mean the war memorial at Calcasieu Pass? I took some pictures of it.

oh yeah. I went there
Well? How was it? We're waiting...

librarything non-profits
LibraryThing is a great way to keep track of the books you have, or want to read, or however you want to organize books. They have free personal accounts, paid personal accounts and very affordable accounts for organizations. It's on this organizations page that you'll find the information you need to use LibraryThing for a non-profit group.

Why do parts of a whole have to be equal?
Because if they're not, then the kids start fighting over who gets the biggest piece and it all goes downhill from there.


  1. Some of these are really funny. I especially like the parts of a whole.
    What are the names of the services you use? Have a great day. Margie

  2. Hey Amy, I'm with Margie. Just curious about which free services and trackers you use. I apologize if you've covered this topic recently. I might have missed one. Enjoyed your post.
    Nancy Hurley

  3. Nancy and Margie, thanks for the comments. I use Sitemeter and Google Analytics. I'll write a post about it later this week.

  4. Amy! You have been awarded the Ancestor Approved Award! Pick it up at