Monday, April 19, 2010

Anatomy of a Military Pension File, Part 18

Previously, I reported on the acquisition of my great-great-great grandfather's military pension file. The documents contained within paint a picture of a man and his family about which I knew very little. I've decided to share this 103-page treasure with you a few pages at a time.

Page 34: A Note from the Commissioner

Finance Div

March 19, 1912

Mrs. Lena Smith,
Milwaukee, Wis


In your claim for reimbursement in the case of Amalia Baerecke, certificate number 615.946, there should be furnished a bill for nursing showing by whom paid.

Your husband should sign the statement herewith.

Very respectfully,

J. L. Davenport

What I learned from this document:

I didn't learn much factually. I can imagine Mrs. Lena Smith (my third-great aunt) spent all this time compiling everything needed for her deceased mother's pension and sent it off in anticipation. Then a letter comes, she opens it and it's the government asking for more paperwork.

Also, I like how the letter is addressed to Mrs. Smith, but she is ordered to have her husband do the signing for her, lest she get the vapors and faint over such a complex task.

Coming up: bills, bills, bills. Stay tuned...

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  1. Wanted to let you know that I am learning from reading your series. A few years ago I sent for my 3rd great-grandfathers file just before price increase but sent for wrong one, getting smaller packet. Now I am inspired to send for other file to see if it breaks through brick wall. Looking forward to nest entry