Monday, May 24, 2010

Anatomy of a Military Pension File, Part 22

In part 18 of this series, there was a letter sent to Lena Smith asking for a receipt. The letter also requested that her husband handle the complex task of replying and providing the documentation. Below is said letter and response from Lena's husband.

Page 39: Response from Charles Smith

Milwaukee, April 8, 1912


Enclosed please find the letter, and as there was no other statement enclosed, I sign this, and acknowledge all  payments made by Mrs. Lena Smith, my wife, in all former documents as being paid by her.

Charles J. Smith.

What I learned from this document: not much. Lena Smith had to jump many hoops to get reimbursement and close out her father's (then mother's) pension file. She filled out all those forms only to get another letter asking her husband to sign off on her efforts. Your tax dollars at work.

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