Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Everything You Want to Know About Facebook

The brains behind High-Definition Genealogy put together a great Facebook for Genealogists Cheat Sheet. The reason I like it (and am bringing it to you) is because it includes the good, bad and ugly of Facebook.

Facebook has helped me build an exponential genealogy network. I now have friends at every genealogy event I attend.

Facebook has received some negative press lately (and rightfully so) for their confusing privacy policies and settings. I keep my profile sparse and locked down for that reason. This Facebook Cheat Sheet will tell you how to do the same.

For me, the positives of genealogy networking still outweigh the negatives of maintaining a profile at Facebook.

Should you join in the fun, check out the Geneabloggers Facebook page and start building your own network of genealogists and friends.

[Disclosure: Thomas MacEntee is the brains behind High Definition Genealogy. He is my friend and professional colleague. I bring you his Cheat Sheet because I like it, not as a favor to Thomas. How did we meet? Through social networks like Facebook, of course.]


  1. Thank you for the kind comments my friend! I think that if we can rationally lay out how to navigate Facebook via a cheat sheet, folks who've been hesitant to join will either join, or at the very least, stop perpetuating false information about Facebook which throws it in a negative light.

  2. You are so right about the Facebook for Genealogists Cheat Sheet - I've got it bookmarked!