Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Baby Shoes Edition

Child's Grave with Baby Shoes
St. Joseph Cemetery
Iota, Louisiana


  1. hi
    how did you ever fine iota la no one really ever heard of this town it is called once point aux loups english wolves point and then cartville then iota
    it is in noware place how i know i was born and rased thair i was broussard my mother lejeune and my grandmother was young from gotts cove have any questons ask i like to search my grandpa s family mother dad but imposible cause i dont know thair names

  2. Sarah, my ancestors came from France and Belgium in the 1880's to settle in the Iota area. My second- and third-great grandmothers are buried in the same cemetery as this picture was taken. It may seem like the middle of nowhere (it is! No cell reception!) but I know where it is. :)

    Did you know anyone named Bourgaux or Menou? Those are my family lines in Acadia Parish.