Thursday, July 29, 2010

See You at the Fish Fry

On Tuesday, I shared with you photos I took at a Bahamian cemetery. The reason I was near that cemetery was because I was in the area for the weekly fish fry. The event starts at 6 p.m., so if you arrive earlier, the place looks like this:

But if you arrive at 7 p.m., the line looks like this:

You may wonder why the heck all these people are willing to to stand in line. Here's what's being served right there on the beach:

I recommend you start with an order of conchy conch fritters, then a plate of fried fish, peas & rice and baked macaroni and cheese:

Gross? No way. No how. This is the best thing you'll have all year, and the view from your seat isn't half bad either:

Now at this point, the haters are going to ask what this has to do with genealogy. It's about creating family memories, my friends. The answer is here:

We do this once a year, every year. Won't you join us next time?


  1. Loved this Amy, and a nice shot of your son...I bet he looks forward to it. Food looks great also. Regarding the haters, cross them off your list. Put me in your pocket next year, please.

  2. I am ready to go...peaceful views...delicious, oh my.