Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Bahamian Edition

Last week I went on vacation to the Bahamas. One night, we went to the local "fish fry" on the beach. Down the road was a cemetery, so I took some pictures. 

I didn't enter the cemetery, but took pix from outside the walls. There were both older and newer grave markers.

The cemetery did not look like it was maintained on a regular basis. There is a newer, nicer cemetery down the road that is next to a neat (as in tidy) church.

This cemetery is located right next to the ocean. The picture below gives you an idea of just how close.

Though the cemetery isn't in the best condition, you must admit the view is spectacular.

I tried to find a name for the cemetery but didn't succeed. I believe the nicer cemetery down the road is Smith Point cemetery. So I'll just refer to this place as the cemetery between the Smith Point cemetery and the fish fry.

All pics were taken on Grand Bahama island. Copyright me. Special thanks to my family for pausing during the fish fry adventure so I could take these photos.

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  1. I'm impressed!

    In spite of the condition of the cemetery, it really is a beautiful spot to rest. I've never seen a cemetery on the beach before.